Monday, 31 August 2015

Book Review: Kaisa Clark: Calm Like Home

Calm Like Home

Author:  Kaisa Clark

Title:   Calm Like Home

Genre:  romance, new adult, literature and fiction, contemporary fiction,

Synopsis:  Alexa Clausen has never fallen. She’s never soared. She’s lived her entire life floating midway between passion and despondency, never experiencing those extremes. But all it takes is one evening with Adam Westbrook to draw her out of her shell, to leave her feeling bold for the first time ever. He is fiery and magnetic. He is gravitational, that inescapable pull no one can avoid. After a few chance encounters, Alexa finally accepts that she can’t stay away, can’t deny the electricity she feels every time he comes around. But as the intensity between them deepens, she also can’t avoid the subtle hints that Adam is hiding something. His wide smile and radiant eyes obscure some burning secret, some detail of his past that resurfaces to steal his joy. The farther Alexa falls, the more she realizes just how little she really knows about Adam and how far he is willing to go to cover up the truth. Calm Like Home is a story about love and longing, growth and stagnation, discovering one’s counterpart but losing oneself, and ultimately finding that one person who truly has the power to change everything.

Review: This book was really good and it was easy to get in to and l found it really enjoyable and it was a great read and it was hard to put down once l started reading it and l was sent this book for review. I am a fan of contemporary fiction but even if it was not in one of my favourite genre l would still have read it because it’s good to read different books and genre it is good to go outside your comfort zone when it comes to books and genre. It is good to try something new and improved your reading to different types of books and genre and authors. I would highly recommend this book to anybody because everybody should try something new and go outside their comfort zone when it comes to reading and l gone outside my own comfort zone and l am really glad l did.

Edition: Kindle

Star rating:   5 out of 5 stars

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Book Review: Haydn Wilks: Americosis

Americosis Vol. 1

Author:  Haydn Wilks

Title:   Americosis

Genre:  Science fiction and fantasy, post-apocalyptic, science fiction, time travel, literature and fiction,

Synopsis:  A naked man arrives in New Mexico claiming to have travelled through time. He says that he's America's saviour. A bizarre sexually-transmitted infection in New York takes control of people's bodies and burns them out in an incessant drive to infect others. And a Presidential candidate is conversing with angels. His aides think he's crazy. 
The electorate might not agree with them.
It could all be madness. It might be the apocalypse.
 An epic genre-bending mash-up of sci-fi, horror, thriller & dark comedy. VOLUME 1 
this short novella introduces the series. It'll leave you begging for more..

Review:   this book is really book and l enjoyed reading it and glad it is in my library and l love reading different genre and finding different books that l never thought l would read but l like reading about time travel and fantasy and l was hooked on this book after the first chapter and I was sent this book for review and it was easy to get in to and l highly recommend it to anybody who likes time travel books and science fiction and fantasy. Literature and post-apocalyptic.  And l rated this book 5 stars.

About the author: Haydn Wilks was born in Caerphilly in 1987. After graduating from King's College London, he worked a succession of call centre and sales jobs before moving to Seoul, South Korea. His writing mixes the local and the global, throwing together a wide range of characters from across the inter-connected modern world. It features moments of comedy, often dark, alongside sudden violent outbursts. Influences include Tarantino movies, Twin Town, Chuck Palahniuk, Bret Easton Ellis, Murakami, Kerouac, Dostoevsky & Joyce. Music features heavily in his work, from Manic Street Preachers, Exit International & the explosive Welsh underground scene, to northern indie like The Smiths, Joy Division & Arctic Monkeys, along with hip-hop, house, dubstep, '80s pop, K-pop, etc., etc.
'The Death of Danny Daggers', his debut novel, throws these influences into a cocktail with a high alcohol content, a few spoonfuls of ketamine & M-Kat, and a big dollop of good old-fashioned ultraviolence.Americosis' is a genre-bending mash-up of sci-fi, horror, thriller & dark comedy. It might all be madness. It might be the apocalypse.

Edition:  kindle

Star rating:   5 out of 5 stars


Book Review: Melissa Silvey And Kim Quick: The Prisoner


Author:  Melissa Silvey and Kim Quick 

Title:   Prisoner

Genre:  Fiction, Erotica, Romance, Military, Literature & Fiction, Adult Fiction, contemporary,

Synopsis:  All I have to do to spend another night with her, is kill... She's a bad girl who does whatever she wants. But when tragic circumstances happen in the charmed life of Detective Melanie "Lani" Vaden, she realizes that not everything in the world is about her. She makes a crazy decision, and with the help of her partner and step-father, she carries it out. Little did she know, she'd end up meeting a knight in distress, and she was the only princess who could help him out. Antony "Tony" Roman was unjustly imprisoned for trumped up charges he did not commit. He had no hope of ever seeing the light of day again. Stuck in solitary confinement, he hadn't even seen another person in years, his only interaction being with his guard, through the hatch. What happens when these two are literally thrown together? Selfish, self-centered Lani has finally found someone who needs her. Tony can't ask the beautiful creature who comes to him, almost like an angel, for help, because he knows there's no hope for him. He can give her nothing in return, except every piece of himself.

Review:  l found this book easy to read and it was a good read and l loved reading it. I was sent this book for a honest review and l glad l read it and l highly recommend this book to anybody if they fancy a good book to read and glad this book is in my library because l have read so other of Melissa silvey which l really enjoyed reading l am not a fan of erotica books but l enjoyed this one and a lot of the time l go out of my comfort zone with books l am glad l read all different genre. I rated this book 5 stars and l was hooked after reading the first chapter.

About the author: this author is really nice and she’s a great author cannot wait to read more of her books.

Edition: kindle

Star rating:   5 out of 5 stars